Proximity Sensor

This is a simple mini project made out using a 741 operational amplifier. Here i have written down the steps to make it

Step-1: Components required

  • A pcb board.
  • LM741 operational amplifier with 8 pin base.
  • A led.
  • LM7805 voltage regulator.
  • A pcb buzzer.
  • A 10k ohm pot.
  • 1x10k ohm resistor.
  • 1x 220ohm resistor.
  • TCRT 5000 IR tx-rx module.
  • A 9v battery with conector.

Step 2:Circuit diagram


The breadboard connection of the project is shown below.proximity sensor_bb

The pin configuration of LM741 is shown below.


The pin configuration of LM7805.



Pin config. of TCRT5000


Here in the op- amp LM7805  the +Vcc is connected to pin 7  GND to pin4 and the other connections are done as shown in the breadboard.

This simple project can be used as a doorbell or if someone stands in front of the main door of your house then this device can be used as an alarm.

I suggest the beginners to give a try on this project and you can get a lot of knowledge about an op-amp,how a IR rx-tx pair works.

Hope you guys have fun 🙂